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Inauguration for Art Center for Media and Communication Studies of Tsinghua University in Longsha·Yitian

It is confirmed that School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University initiated a strategic partnership with Longsha Group to build a center for Media and Communication Studies (of Tsinghua University) in Longsha·Yitian Culture Industry Cluster. The center will be used to carry out relevant academic studies and experimental researches conducted by a variety of professionals and scholars.

Professor Yin Hong, the associate dean of Tsinghua University School of Journalism and Communication, will work as the director of this center in Longsha·Yitian. With assistance of foreign networks, international academic resources and superior hardware appliance within Longsha·Yitian, Longsha Group is delicate to offering all necessary resources in Longsha·Yitian to support the operation of the center. In addition, Longsha Group is looking forward to cooperating with government agencies and media so that the resources available for the center can be optimized.