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Longsha Group invited to ‘ Life Week’ the 20th anniversary ceremony.

On January 16th, Life Week, a leading Chinese local magazine, held its 20th anniversary at the Orange Hall of Taikoo Li Sanlitun. Longsha Group was invited as a special guest to join the celebration. The core value about humanity and communication promoted by the magazine Life Week matches well with the value preserved by Longsha Group and the project of Longsha·Yitian.

Supported by Jing-Jin-Ji Economic Integration Policy, Longsha·Yitian, locates within 20-min drive distance from Beijing, aims to become are remarkable industry cluster that will attract a variety of leading scholars, artists and entrepreneurs from all over the world; and it will provide abundant resources and supports to stimulate spiritual communications and to encourage intellectual exchanges. Longsha·Yitian is not only a global art center but also a guardian of knowledge, an incubator of ideas and innovations, a cradle for new intellect and talent, and a pioneer in social consciousness and responsibility.