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'Himalaya Ladder to Paradise': a humanistic gift supported by Longsha Media

Longsha Media is proud to introduce its recent project – a 4K Ultra HD documentary film Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise to the world-wide audience. The film production is supported by Longsha Group and its major content is consistent with the core value of Longsha Group. Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise has received critical acclaim since its first broadcast. Many leading public figures and celebrities – such as Wang Shi, Chen Kun, Huang Nubo, Yang Lan and Tan Dun – generously express their high recognition on this film project. On November 8th, the chief director of a famous reality show in China ‘Win in China’- Guan Xiu invited a selected group of scholars to watch the film and led a special discussion following the presentation.

Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise was successfully finished in the alpine and hypoxia area with anoxic atmosphere and low temperature. It is a serious and professional documentary without unnecessary elements that are only designed to maximize sale revenues, such as superstar actors, dramatic storyline and special effects. Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise is a simple story telling a group of mountaineering enthusiasts and their dreams. All the actors are selected from local residences in Tibet.

Mrs. Guan Xiu says:”….it is very difficult for today’s young generation to actually leave urban cities and visit the nature. The urban residents are too busy to get involved in self-exploration and thus are easy to get lost in their modern dreams. …It is my honor to be a consultant for Himalaya: Ladder to Paradise. We want to offer the public an opportunity through this film to appreciate the power of nature and the beauty of Himalaya and its culture.”