Longsha·Yitian is created and developed by Longsha Group. It is a real estate development project that intends to build up a very first high-definition digital firm and media production industrial cluster. Longsha·Yitian is the first national-level Cultural Industry Quarter(CIQ) in China that collects world-class intangible cultural heritages and allows visitors to experience and appreciate the power of cultural exchanges. It is an area that not only leads to international and domestic communications and business trading in design, TV production and entertainment fields but also, more importantly, sings with all manner of creative endeavor.

Longsha·Yitian is located in a peaceful and a beautiful countryside next to Beijing, the capital city of China, within 20-minute drive. Backing by the newly issued polity– Jing-Jin-Ji Integration Plan, the area where Longsha·Yitian is located will no doubt be the staging area that will attract senior intellectuals, avant-garde artists, young-generation designers, entrepreneurs, business investors,dreamers and doers.  It is an island of makers and doers, that delightedly boasts one of the largest creative communities in the country.

In Longsha·Yitian Cultural Industry Quarter, there are not only different industrial forms of offices and studios, including exposition center, film and television production center, communication center and trade gallery; but also, abundant choices of utilities and amenities for residential use. We proudly introduce luxury high-end residential apartments and lofts, primarily designed for the young generation of artists and dreamers, coming with 70 years of property rights. We also prepare single-family villas and quadrangle courtyard(Siheyuan) within the area, welcoming all types of residences.