Longsha Capital

Longsha Era Equity Investment Management Co., LTD(P1002753)is a boutique private equity investment firm certified by Asset Management Association of China. Our work is situated primarily in China, the United States and Japan, with offices in New York and Beijing. We deliver the customized investment directions and portfolio management solutions that best meet our clients’ business needs. We firstly consult with our clients basing on their specific interests in regions, industries and stages of the business. Then with our select group of financial professionals, Longsha Capital helps each client to realize the milestones critical to their future success and to formulate personal investment plans that guarantee clients’ sustainable and stable financial benefits. With Longsha Group’s powerful networks across borders and over 20-year business experience, we manage and direct proprietary investments.

Our personal wealth management expertise delicate to provide each client with high level of net worth the tailor-made judgements. We value individual difference; we ensure our clients’ benefits though insights and innovation by exhausting in industry research and precise in our analysis. We only invest in the industries that we have already established deeply root relationships and experience; our long-term success relies on our preparation.