Longsha Group, headquartered in the Business Center of Beijing China, is an investment and development company that concentrates on adding value through equity investments in multi-industries. Its major projects relate to media production, private equity investment, real estate development, network technology and other high value-added industries. As its primary duty, Longsha Group is committed to promoting social welfare and revitalizing Chinese culture. Presently, Longsha Group controls several entity enterprises, one of which is Longsha·Yitian, a major cultural industry cluster project for high definition media production which is supported by the Beijing Government and Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. Longsha·Yitian is designed to be a national creative and cultural space where its role is to can help fuel the public’s thirst and demand for cultural products, and design new forms of entertainment, distraction and inspiration.

Longsha Group hires senior industry experts and investment management teams who apply advanced business strategies via sound service distribution system to achieve shared goals. Adhering to solid and efficient development, Longsha Group collaborates with all sectors of society to create a win-win outcome, giving a most powerful impetus to the movement which will eventually lead to Chinese cultural transmission.